Forklift accidents

Dangerous use of a forklift truck. Two prosecuted

dangerous use of forkliftNot strictly an accident but I've included this for obvious reasons. Courtesy Daily Mail.

Jonathan Shaw, 44, and Stephen Fawcett, 69, were reported to the council by a passer by who snapped a shot of the pair’s forklift antics. Fawcett was standing on a metal cage designed to be attached to the truck and had no harness or safety equipment to prevent him from falling.

There were also no preventative measures in place on the ground to stop people from coming within dangerous distance of the machinery.

The escapade in Morecambe earned them each an £8,000 fine, with Lancaster Magistrates’ Court condemning the arrangement as at best ‘precarious’ and at worst ‘reckless’.

And builder Steve Wignall, who spotted the ladder winding its way towards Bolton, said he was ‘shocked’ by the sight, although he did end up conceding: ‘It was a bit funny.’