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final steps to install wookie on kodi

Website last updated: Saturday April 27, 2019

Once the Wookie setup files have been installed into Kodi you will see a Wookie splash screen in red colour. Close this screen by click "Close" in the bottom right hand corner and the actual Wookie installation screen will appear like this.

wookie installation options

Note that you have three options for installing Wookie. these are: Retro Wookie, New Look Wookie or Wookie Lite. I always use Retro Wookie but take your pick at this point. Having selected the skin you want click on "Install" as shown above.

Once Wookie has installed, the familiar interface of Kodi will be present but coloured red instead of blue as shown below. Congratulations - now go ahead and play with it:-)

kodi with wookie installed


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