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Forklift feature articles Most of the pages on this website can be read in just a few minutes which leaves no scope for more in depth articles which obviously take longer. In 2018 I decided to expand the site by including this section of forklift feature articles. Please note that I have not written most of these articles but I have credited the authors and provided a link back to them where possible.

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September 12th 2018. Here is a short article by Anna Harris of Toyota forklift trucks about forklift overhead guards. Read More

September 5th 2018. Forklift trip hazards. Here is a short article by Trinton Castetter. Product Marketing Specialist, Toyota Material Handling, Read More

August 28th 2018. Here is a really useful article by Toyota Forklift copywriter Jake Stewart explaining the precautions to be taken when pedestrians are involved with forklift trucks. Read More

August 13th 2018. The Lucas CSM range of high performance traction batteries, which incorporate copper stretch metal (CSM) technology are a serious alternative to lithium ion. Read More

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