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Forklift feature articles Most of the pages on this website can be read in just a few minutes which leaves no scope for more in depth articles which obviously take longer. I decided to expand the site by including this section of forklift feature articles. Please note that I have not written most of these articles but I have credited the authors and provided a link back to them where possible.

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December 1st 2022. Forklift operator training record. This really useful article was written and published by RTITB and is a must read for anyone who employs forklift operators. Read More.

November 25th 2022. This article is by Advanced Fork Truck Training and is a basic guide to telehandlers or telescopic forklift. Read More

November 24th 2022. Here ia a really useful article by RTITB about the role of the health and safety manager for those involved in forklift truck operations. Read More

October 25th 2022. How to change and charge Liquified Petroleum Gas cylinders on forklift trucks. Read More

October 16th 2022. Here is an article by Flashbattery, which looks at the advantages of Lithium Ion batteries compared to lead acid batteries used on forklift trucks. Read More

August 23rd 2022. When it comes to forklift truck safety, the attention is almost always on operators and managers.  However, pedestrians often work near forklifts, and are at high risk of being involved in accident. Read More

August 14th 2022. Stuart Taylor, Managing Director of Mentor forklift training, explains the misconception around the existence of the forklift truck ‘licence. Read More

August 4th 2022. The forklift fork is often overlooked and under-inspected. Many are unaware of how often one should inspect their forks, and how to inspect them. Read More

August 3rd 2022. The following article about forklift truck thorough examinations is by CFTS and gives a good overview of how a thorough examination should be carried out. Read More

June 9th 2022. The warehousing and logistics industry is facing a shortage of qualified forkliift Truck Instructors according to training accreditor RTITB. Read More

June 4th 2022. This article by RTITB deals with operator training certificates. There is no such thing as a forklift operator's licence in the UK. Read More

April 29th 2022. Here ia a really useful article by RTITB about the role of the health and safety manager for those involved in forklift truck operations. Read More

April 14th 2022. Working with reach trucks at height by Mitsubishi forklifts. Read More

April 11th 2022. How to involve your forklift operators in health and safety. Article by RTITB. Read More

April 4th 2022. A recent survey by Talent in Logistics found more than half (51%) of male lift truck operators aged 30 and over do not find their management to be trustworthy. Read More

February 14th 2022. This 2020 article is taken from the TCM website and gives a lot of useful advice about battery charging stations intended for forklift use. Read More

February 7th 2022. Portable Appliance Testing, (PAT), The facts. You may wonder what this article is doing on a forklift training website....... Read More

February 2nd 2022. This article on forklift fork carriages is by Kenny Trusnik from Toyota and makes interesting reading. I have covered this before in the technical section. Read More

January 17th 2022. View leaf chain specifications and technical drawings at a glance and access an entire library of e-books, articles and video guides on this new website. Read More

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