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I spent some time as an application engineer at Yale Forklift Trucks. The job involved matching the forklift truck to the application. During my years on the road in a training capacity I came across a very large number of occasions where the forklift truck being used was completely unsuitable for the application.

Forklift trucks that didn't fit in the aisleways were common. Reach trucks in use where counterbalanced would have been the correct choice and the other way around. The last bit of madness I saw before retiring was a telehandler in use to stuff the far end of a container because the boss had a spare machine and "didn't know what else to do with it"

Forklifts for sale

As this website has expanded well beyond it's original purpose of dealing with forklift training I thought it might be useful to include this section on buying forklift trucks. I have no connection with any forklift truck manufacturer and the advice given here is my personal opinion. You are advised to use it as a guide and then get your forklift supplier to confirm that you are purchasing or leasing the correct machine.

Use the information on these pages any way you like. When I used to train forklift salesmen at Yale forklifts we always told them to make sure they studied the customer's application in detail and walk over every part of the plant that the truck was going to be used in. I reckon that this is still a good test as to whether you are buying the correct forklift truck as some salesmen will sell you a truck just because it's been on their books for a while and they want to get rid of it. Also expect your forklift salesman to take copious notes about your application and if he or she doesn't, use your judgment about placing the order.

By using the links above you should be able to arrive at a very good idea of the type of forklift truck that's right for your company from all the many forklifts for sale.