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forklift overhead guard

Testing forklift overhead guards

Many forklift operators think that if a full load is dropped onto the overhead, (canopy), guard of their forklift truck it will protect them. In fact, if, (say), a two ton load dropped from height onto a typical forklift overhead guard it would almost certainly either destroy it or forcefully remove it from the truck!

The procedure for testing overhead guards has been modernised since my days in the drawing office when we used a 56 kg block of wood dropped repeatedly from height for the impact test and a heavy dummy load carefully placed on top of the guard for a static test, but the principle still remains, One static test and one dynamic test.

Nowadays much more precision is used and the next couple of videos show how testing is carried out today.

The static test


After this test is completed, measurements are taken for deflection in the immediate area above where the head of the forklift operator would normally be.

The dynamic test


This test is more for checking the structural integrity of the guard. Checks are made to see if any permanent damage has occurred or if guard fastenings have been damaged etc.

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