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Road registration for forklift trucks

forklift road registration

Obviously any truck that is used on any public highway should be registered with the DVLA and a V5 registration document will be issued to the current keeper. The "current keeper" is the person responsible for the vehicle and is not necessarily the legal owner. When a vehicle is sold or transferred the current keeper is under a legal obligation to notify the DVLA of the sale or transfer. The action to be taken depends upon the date that the truck was registered and is defined below:

Vehicles registered prior to 24th March 1997

If a registration document was issued before the above date, when possession of the vehicle changes hands, the registered keeper should pass the registration document on to the new keeper who should then notify the DVLA of the change of keeper. In addition, the seller should detach the section of the registration document that allows for the notification of sale or transfer and send it to the DVLA.

Vehicles registered on or after 24th March 1997

If the registration document was issued on or after the above date the seller must obtain the buyer's details and send the registration document to the DVLA to notify the change of keeper.


Once a vehicle has been registered it remains registered. There is no system for de-registration! Obviously if a fork lift truck has been registered for use on a public road and is then placed into an application where this is no longer necessary it would be advisable to notify the DVLA to avoid unnecessary confusion. There is no set procedure for doing this. A simple letter giving the truck details and stating that the truck will no longer be used on public roads should be sent to:

Vehicle Customer Services
Swansea Vale 2
Longview Road

Hand held electric powered pallet trucks

Since these are not adapted or constructed for use for the carriage of passengers or drivers they are exempt from vehicle licensing and registration. It follows therefore that a hand held pallet truck does not need to be registered or licensed if used on a public road.

Applying for road registration