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ACOP Supervisor Training

The most significant change to the new Approved Code Of Practice is the added emphasis on the training of managers and supervisors. Much greater emphasis is now being placed on the supervision of forklift operators. The ACOP states that supervisors should be sufficiently trained to identify any potential hazards occurring in everyday forklift truck usage. They should be able to:

  • Carry out effective observations and know what to look out for
  • Co-operate effectively with operators and managers
  • Recognise unsafe practices and behaviour
  • Maintain and promote health and safety standards

Whilst not required to qualify as forklift truck operators, managers and supervisors are legally responsible for ensuring everyday operations are carried out safely.

The ACOP states.

  • Think about the safe movement of lift trucks and loads as part of your overall safety policy
  • Reduce risk points where trucks might meet other traffic or pedestrians
  • Where possible prohibit pedestrians from lift truck operating areas
  • Ensure that everyone working in the area is properly trained and understand how to work properly, even the pedestrians
  • Members of the public should not be allowed in operating areas. Where this does need to happen there should be a written procedure outlining precautions
  • All operating areas should be suitably designed and maintained
  • Every truck should have a valid report of thorough examination
  • Pre shift checks should be completed by operators prior to each shift

Forklift trucks should not be operated outside their capabilities such as:

  • Carrying pedestrians
  • Handling loads outside their capacity
  • Being manoeuvre in a way that could cause them to tip over