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Next generation of digital test paperwork

AITT digital paperwork

AITT are very excited to launch their next generation of digital test paperwork, completely free, for their business members.

With the increased demand on environmental solutions, coupled with business' aiming to operate in a COVID secure environment, AITT made the decision to design and develop their own digital test forms. 

Through the demand of their members, they have produced an interactive form which enables instructors to conduct the operator training with much more ease.  As an AITT instructor, using either your iPad or Android tablet, you can now “go paper free”, and remove the hassle of calculating test scores, timings, repetitive signatures etc by using their digital paperwork. Additionally, you can remove the need of cross contamination of pens and paper, by running all documentation on a device that can be cleaned and COVID secure.

Using the AITT approved digital paperwork, you will be assured of working to the correct testing standards and updated as soon as any changes are made. Importantly they are giving this fantastic new tool away, completely free to their members. 

Simply login to the business members area and download the relevant interactive test form you require*.
You will find in the members area:

  • Counterbalance and Reach
  • Pedestrian Trucks (low level)
  • Pedestrian Trucks (Stacking)
  • Tow Tractors
  • Rough Terrain Counterbalance
  • Vertical Stock Picker
  • Rider Pivot Steer
  • Pedestrian Pivot Steer 
  • 360 Excavator (coming very soon)

There will also be a useful user guide, informing you of how exactly to set up and use the software.
*Additional forms will be released in the near future
AITT are thrilled to now have this available for our corporate, business and small business members, but to also offer this solution at no extra cost.