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Wooden pallets

Brexit hits pallet market until at least mid 2021

Unprecedented prices and availability of raw materials is set to affect the packaging and pallet market until at least the middle of this year. This is due to factors including ongoing unbalances across the global market for many products as the result of the pandemic, and the completion of Brexit at the end of last year, according to the Timber Packaging & Pallet Confederation (TIMCON).

For any UK business shipping goods within the EU, the latest changes to regulations will be a vital consideration. Wooden packaging, including pallets, must now meet ISPM15 standards when being shipped. This regulation ensures pallets have been treated to eradicate pests and are then stamped to reinforce this action has been carried out. While demand and prices for these types of compliant pallets will be on the rise, there are alternatives to consider.

According to Exporta, the best alternative to wooden pallets is plastic pallets. Plastic pallets completely avoid the ISPM15 regulations, are more hygienic and reliable, and making the switch now will minimise any potential disruption to your supply chain now that these regulations have come into effect. has supported the production of the second Covid-19 vaccine across several continents. The company was approached by a leading international pharmaceutical provider with an urgent request for a plastic Euro pallet on five runners. As UK market leader, boasting the largest variety of plastic pallets stocked in the UK, the company was able to match the exact specification with the Qpall 1208 HR 5R.

LPR has remained committed to promoting sustainability and reducing its ecological footprint by creating a Service Centre in Azambuja, at the Sonae Group facilities. This new location takes LPR another step closer to consolidating the level of service provided to its customers, while optimising logistics flows. The operation will also mean that customers can collect pallets at same place as they deliver their products, which will allow clear optimisation of transport and reductions in operating costs.

Libelium is providing a plug-and-play Smart Tracking solution to optimise part of the recycling process in the logistics industry. Libelium is working with Querqus, a pallet company dedicated to the construction and reuse of wooden logistics pallets. Libelium’s smart tracking solution is installed on trucks and can be used across almost any sector to track logistics, to help Querqus understand which clients were taking too much time and work with them to optimise their processes, thus making the whole chain flow quicker.

Businesses need to ensure their pallet provider has enough ISPM15 compliant pallets available. Covid-19 is still likely to be with us for the coming months and its impact on the supply chain will cause supply and demand challenges. Warehouse operators need to be working with pallet partners who understand and support their business.