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drum grab attachment

St Clare Engineering has been nominated for a Fork Lift Truck Association Award for Excellence 2020 for it's quick attach drum grab attachment.

Unfortunately, with the lockdown in place, and the awards ceremony on hold, the black tie has had to go back in the cupboard and everyone is going to have to wait to a while longer to find out if St Clare has won or not.

The company said: “At St Clare Engineering, Health & Safety is at the heart of everything we do, so we are particularly proud to be short-listed for an award that recognises innovation and the importance we place on safety.”

Quick Release System
The Quick Release System’s unique safety innovation eliminates the need for the fork lift truck driver to dismount from the cab to secure the drum grabs to the forks with T bolts and chains. The mechanism really is a Win-Win product as there are benefits to businesses on so many levels.

Health & Safety
From a safety perspective, the quick release system means that the driver never needs to get out of the cab so that they are always fully in control of the forklift truck at all times, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

As well as safety benefits, the quick release system also makes a direct contribution to the bottom line. The system enables increased handling of multiple loads, quicker changeovers and therefore delivers reduced driver hours and increased productivity.

Feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, citing ease of use, safety and efficiency of the new quick release system compared to previous practices.

The company concludes: “We are continuing to closely monitor the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak to ensure we are protecting the health of the St Clare Engineering team, our customers, suppliers and communities. With a manufacturing base in Hampshire and plenty of stock in place please get in touch if we can help you with supply or servicing.”

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