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High capacity electric forklift trucks

Will high capacity electric forklifts do for diesel?

With the future of diesel forklifts under increasing pressure from ever-tighter regulations on emissions, sales of electric trucks have been accelerating.

The only remaining stronghold for diesel has been heavy-duty applications that demand lifting capacities of 8 tonnes or more. But with an imminent end to the subsidy on red diesel and the entry of big-hitters Raniero to the UK marketplace, that could change.

According to Stewart Gosling of Red Diamond Distribution UK, importers for the Raniero range: “In recent years, electric trucks have proved themselves more than a match for IC engine trucks, for both indoor and outdoor operations. Nearly every aspect of their performance is superior, they are dimensionally smaller, more dependable, require less maintenance, and deliver significant savings in terms of whole-life costs".

“The only issue was capacity but with the introduction of the high-capacity Raniero range that is no longer an obstacle.”

Acknowledged as the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty lift trucks, the current Raniero range spans 5 to 32 tonnes, including the largest electric forklift on the market. Renowned for its innovative approach to design Raniero also boasts the manufacturing flexibility to meet individual customer requirements regardless of the size of the order or its complexity.

That agility is matched by the performance of the products themselves. Despite their tonnage, Raniero trucks are surprisingly nimble, with a very small turning radius and excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

They can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, as there are no emissions, enabling owners to lower their carbon footprint and maintain a safer, quieter working environment for operators. Raniero can even offer 12-tonne capacity models for working inside shipping containers. 

Small wonder the range is proving highly successful in some of world’s most demanding applications, including steel, timber, paper, recycling, automotive, special waste management, logistics, textiles and energy.

“Raniero electric forklifts provide the strength and performance of diesel trucks but with the added benefit of sustainable operations and lower running costs in the long-term,” concludes Stewart Gosling. “And they are readily accessible through the Red Diamond Distribution network – from 18 fully equipped sales and service centres nationwide.”

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