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New accrediting body for forklift training is announced

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A new, long awaited, accrediting body has been announced which will cater for forklift operators, instructors and small and large companies.

The current standards for forklift operator training date back to the 1960s and although they have changed over the years, they do not accurately reflect all of today's modern and varied applications and indeed forklifts.

For a look at how the standards came about, take a look at this article which was written by John, (Dai), Carter - the man who invented the original standards. He also talks about the errors in today's' standards in this article.

The man responsible for the new body is Dave Sparrow, the previous MD of AITT. He left AITT in November 2017 and was responsible for creating BRITTOP, The British Register Of Truck Trainers and Operators. Dave has been collaborating with John for around three years and to quote him, "I am going to change the way that MHE training is delivered and tested; dragging it from the 1960’s into the 2020’s and beyond".

iTRUK has re-written operator and instructor courses and they do realise that this may be controversial with some die hard traditionalists. They believe that those people who actually use the machines will warm to what is being taught and be able to associate it with what they actually do in practice.

(Webmaster note: Just one example from me having trained thousands of forklift operators over thirty four years. Who applies the parking brake before using the hydraulic controls when doing normal duties on a forklift truck? I'll tell you - practically no one. This is considered a serious fault on the current ABA test!)

iTRUK's website is now up and running and open for anyone to join. You can join at operator level, instructor level or company level.

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