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UK safety drive

UKMHA safety drive 2021, week 1 - thorough examinations

The theme of this year’s National Forklift Safety Day, we start the UKMHA Safety Drive with Thorough Examination (TE). There have been a number of clarifications to GN28, the industry guidance, and this week we review those changes to remind you of the latest guidance.

Key points:
  • For lorry-mounted trucks where the operator can be lifted with the truck as part of the mount/dismount sequence, a TE is necessary at least every 6 months (more frequently if conditions require e.g. corrosive environments).
  • Similarly, attachments not permanently mounted to the truck will also require examination at least every 6 months.
  • In situations where an exceptional event has occurred – such as an impact or overload – an additional TE is required before the equipment is brought back into service.
  • If the Competent Person carrying out the examination is unable to complete a TE due to a serious defect of the lifting parts, then they must inform the relevant enforcement authority
  • Where fitted, operator assistance systems, safety cut-offs and speed reductions must be working correctly.
  • Creep of the load handling system should be assessed with a representative load and the hydraulic fluid at the normal working temperature. Where there is doubt further testing should be specified on the report of Thorough Examination.
  • Parking brake performance can be verified by ensuring that it holds the truck stationary on the maximum operating site gradient when carrying a representative load.
  • Where there is a defect or imminent failure in the lifting equipment involving a risk of serious injury, e.g. chain or fork wear beyond replacement limits, or a missing or defaced capacity/data plate, the equipment shall be withdrawn from service pending repairs and the examiner must send a copy of the report to the relevant enforcement authority as required by LOLER. In the circumstances, reporting is mandatory even if the fault was immediately rectified.

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