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Box clamps and rotator attachments

Box Clamps

box clamp

Flat surface clamps, sometimes known as box clamps are very popular and are typically used for handling so called white goods such as washers, driers and refrigerators.

Whilst they do increase the forklift's load centre it is only about the same as a sideshift. It, nevertheless, de rates the tuck's capacity.

Often when these type of clamps are fitted to a forklift, the hydraulic system has an additional control fitted which allows the forklift operator to select the correct hydraulic pressure for the load being carried. It is obviously essential that the operator is trained on the correct use of this to avoid product damage.

Fork Rotator


This attachments fits in place of the forks and the forks then mount onto it thereby increasing the effective load centre of the forklift and causing it to down rate a little. These attachments are brilliant for such jobs as carrying small waste skips. The forklift approaches a large skip, the operator raises the forks and drives over the skip before applying the parking brake, engaging neutral and rotating the attachment and the bin that's being carried causing it to discharge into the larger skip. (You do apply the handbrake don't you?)

One of the strangest use I ever saw for this attachment was at a company that made the blanks for our coins. It was quite surreal to watch thousands of coins being tipped via this attachment into a hopper.

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