Forklift operator practical test marking sheet

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Practical test marking sheet

forklift test marking sheet

The marking sheet for the new, (2017), forklift operator test has been revised. Two new faults have been added and the penalties associated with some others have increased. In addition, the criteria for disqualification has been changed. Details of all these changes are shown below and in yellow on the copy of the marking sheet on this page.

Item 5. Fails to use appropriate safety device. This is a new fault on counterbalanced and reach truck tests and scores 5 penalty points,

Item 30. Wheels not straight when stacking/de-stacking. This is a new fault and scores 3 points.

Item 16. Forks/load too low when traveling. Penalties for this have been increased from 3 to 5

Item 19. Shunts in the chicane. Penalties for this have been increased form 1 to 3.

Item 21. Shunts when stacking/de-stacking. Penalties fro this have been increased form 1 to 3.

In addition to the above there are several things that cause a mandatory qualification. These are:

  • Operating dangerously
  • Exceeding maximum time
  • Dismounting unnecessarily
  • Violent collision
  • Unsafe stacking
  • Exceeds three occurrences of any one 5 point fault. (New)

NOTE: According to the Accrediting Bodies Association the marking sheet should be explained to candidates before they take the test and the penalties explained. A marking sheet can be downloaded here.