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Open questions 13 - 19

13. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, etc. gives 4 responsibilities/duties of operators and employees. What are they?

A.   Duty of safety to themselves
B.   Duty of safety to others
C.   Co operation with management on aspects of safety
D.   Not to interfere, misuse, abuse, be reckless or modify anything provided for Health and Safety or Welfare

14.   Give 2 reasons why it is advisable to stop just a short distance from the stack.

A.   Assist with accuracy
B.   Reduce damage
C.   Discourage pedestrians walking between the lift truck and the stack

15.   Name 4 precautions you must take while refueling or recharging a lift truck.

A.   Wear the correct PPE
B.   Ensure no naked flames or smoking
C.   Follow the manufacturer’s/organisational recommendations and procedures
D.   Do not use a mobile phone
E.   Ventilate the battery

16.   If, in an emergency, you had to park a lift truck on an incline, name 4 precautions you should take before leaving it.

A.   Parked correctly with the fork tips on the ground
B.   In neutral
C.   Switched off
D.   Keys left in the truck
E.   Parking brake applied
F.   Chocks under the wheels

17.  Why must you never drive or operate an industrial lift truck across an incline?

A.   Industrial trucks are not designed to operate on side slopes and there is a strong possibility it will overturn.

18.   Name 8 precautions you must take if a manned platform is to be fitted to a lift truck

A. It must be secured to the forks or carriage so that it cannot come off
B. The platform must meet the construction and inspection requirements set out by the HSE
C. There must be a safe method of use agreed before starting the work
D. Only authorised persons operate and are lift ed in the manned platform
E. The operator must not leave the lift truck whilst the occupants are in the cage
F. Only the lift and lower lever shall be used
G. No other hydraulic levers should be used
H. The lift truck must be on level ground
I. The operation must be for occasional non-scheduled use
J. A thorough risk assessment of the lift must be in place
K. The lift truck must be secured by use of the handbrake and neutral applied
L. The thorough examination frequency of the lift truck must be at least 6 monthly
M. Persons are not to be transported within the cage
N. A method of communication is agreed between the operator and person(s) lifted prior to the work commencing

19. State 2 reasons why is it important that loaded pallets are placed tight to one
another and against the headboard when loading a lorry.

A. To ensure the full load does not move during transport, especially when braking
B. To ensure that the lorry can get a full load

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