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 When refueling a diesel powered lift truck state 4 safety precautions that  must be taken

When refueling a diesel powered lift truck state four safety precautions that  must be takeis question number twenty five on the instructor's main set of questions. Please note you may or may not get this question on a forklift operator's training course. The actual answers expected are:

A. The lift truck must be parked up, correctly secured, switched off and isolated in a suitable location
B. Correct PPE must be worn, e.g. eye protection and suitable fuel resistant gloves
C. No smoking or naked flames
D. No mobile phone usage
E. Spill kits should be available
F. The manufacturer’s specific refueling procedures must be followed
G. All equipment must be stowed correctly aft er use
H. The filler cap should be refitted

Your wording does not have to be exactly as the answers shown above but should be capable of interpretation so as to mean the same as the answers above.

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