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Multiple choice operational questions 13 - 17

13. Why do you stop the truck no more than 150mm from the stack before raising the forks?

A. To assist with accuracy and discourage people walking between the forks and the stack
B. To save too many movements of the truck when manoeuvring
C. To save using the parking brake too many times
D. To allow pedestrians to pass through the gap at the rear of the truck

14. When following another lift truck down an aisle, how many truck lengths clearance is it recommended to leave?
A. One length
B. Two length
C. Three lengths
D. Four lengths

15. The brakes on the truck you are operating seem to be faulty. What are you going to do?
A. Inform the supervisor
B. Stop immediately and seek assistance
C. Drive slower and get the fault checked at the next break time
D. As long as the parking brake works it will be ok to finish the job and then report the fault

16. As a general rule, how should the forks be positioned on the carriage to take a loaded wooden pallet?

A. As wide as possible to prevent the load tipping off
B. Spread so as to take an equal weight on each fork
C. Fairly close together to allow easy entry of the forks
D. As close to the centre block as possible

17. The safe use of the hydraulic controls requires the following:

A. Parking brake applied
B. Parking brake applied and transmission in neutral
C. Clutch disengaged and foot brake applied
D. A fully charged battery

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