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Pallet and pallet stacker operational questions 6 to 10

6. Where on a low level pallet truck would you normally find the pivot point?

A. Centre of the front wheels
B. Centre of rear steering wheels
C. The front edge of the pallet being transported
D. The front edge of the tiller arm

7. Prior to unloading a road vehicle using a low level pallet truck utilising a dock
leveler, the operator must first:

A. Minimise the difference between the loading dock and warehouse floor to allow safe transfer in and out of the lorry
B. Ensure the lorry driver is in full possession of the lorry keys
C. Ensure the driver has raised the trailer above the level of the warehouse floor
D. Maximise the difference between the loading dock and the warehouse floor

8. When turning with a load at height, why is there an increased risk of the truck
tipping over?

A. Stability is reduced
B. The load centre will increase
C. The combined centre of gravity moves forward
D. The longitudinal stability is increased

9. In winter months loads stacked outside may be covered in ice and snow, the
effect of this will:

A. Increase the carrying capacity of the truck
B. Make no change to the truck or weight of the load
C. Increase the weight of the load
D. Increase the friction between the pallet and the forks

10. While operating a lift truck what would you do if you saw some rubbish or dunnage lying in a gangway or warehouse location?

A. Inform the supervisor
B. Park the truck in a safe place and remove the obstruction
C. Inform the other truck operators and get it moved at break time
D. Ignore it as the next shift have cleaners that will move it

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