pallet truck operator pre use test

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Pallet/pallet stacker pre use check sheet

This is the marking sheet that people attending a training course on these machines can expect to recieve. Some of these checks are mandatory and must be done to avoid failure.

Item Check Complete Defect Reported Not Applicable
1. Fork arms/attachment      
2. Carriage plate      
3. Backrest extension      
4. Mast      
5. Mast rollers/slides      
6. Lift chains      
7. Chain pulleys      
8. Hydraulic systems      
9. Wheels      
10. Tyres      
11. External condition      
12. Rated capacity plate      
13. Operating position      
14. Fold down platform      
15. Operator's seat      
16 . Starting procedure Elec      
17. Starting procedure ICE      
18. Repel pad      
19. Lights      
20. Audible warnings      
21. Hydraulic controls      
22. Drive and braking      
23. Steering