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Pallet and pallet stacker safety questions 6 to 10

*6. An employee can operate a low level pallet truck as long as:

A. They have received appropriate training on a more complex truck e.g. reach counterbalance
B. They have received training on a pallet truck with a higher lift capacity. e.g. medium or high level
C. They have received appropriate basic operator training and testing on the machine type in question and received job specific and familiarisation training
D. As long as they have received instruction from a more experienced member of staff in regards to the safe operation of the machine

*7. The operator should only safely step off the pedestrian pallet platform:

A. Immediately on reaching the pick position
B. Once the full pick has been completed
C. Once a full observation has been carried out for vehicles, pedestrians and floor conditions
D. When told to do so by the Warehouse Manager

*8. Where thorough examinations are not applicable to low level pallet trucks,
the truck:

A. Is still required to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturers

B. Requires no maintenance
C. Only requires a pre-use inspection once a week
D. Is exempt from pre-use inspections

9. What position should a lift truck’s mast be in to comply with the manufacturer’s stated lifting capacity?

A. Slightly tilted backwards with the truck on level ground
B. It doesn't matter as the mast angle does not affect the rated capacity
C. Slightly tilted forwards with the truck on level ground
D. Vertical with the truck on level ground

10. What is the difference between Net weight and Gross weight?

A. Net weight = the product only: Gross weight = the weight of the product, pallet
and packaging

B. Net weight = the weight of the load: Gross weight = the weight of the load and the pallet
C. They are both the same and refer to the weight of the truck
D. Gross weight only applies to live loads

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