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Pallet and pallet stacker open questions 1 to 5

There are fifteen questions in this bank of master questions for the pallet truck operator written test. The instructor will choose five of these towards the overall question paper. Each one represents four marks or 20% of the question paper. The correct answers are shown below each question.

1. Name 4 main safety checks you would make before loading or unloading a lorry.

A. Lorry brakes applied or wheels chocked
B. Lorry bed condition, width, height, level and curtains out of the way
C. Lorry driver where is he/she and what is required
D. A support stand is positioned on an unsupported semi trailer

2. Give 4 reasons why a lift truck can tip over sideways (lateral instability).

A. Turning too fast
B. Load offset
C. Uneven load
D. Sideshift not centred
E. Forks not evenly spaced
F. Side sloping ground
G. Turning with mast/load raised
H. Turning on an incline
I. Live load

3. Give four reasons why walking backwards should be avoided when using a pallet or stacker truck.

A. You could fall over
B. Can’t see where you are going
C. Lose control and get run over
D. Not able to control correctly
E. Difficult to turn

4. Give four examples of places where you should not park an industrial lift truck.

A. In or near doorways
B. Near switches and electricity boards
C. Near firefighting equipment
D. Blind corners
E. Inclines
F. Loading bays
G. Wet or muddy areas
H. Soft ground or generally in the way of other

5. Name two precautions a lift truck operator can take when operating on different types of ground or surface.

A. Drive at a speed according to the conditions
B. Use the foot brake according to the conditions
C. Be observant and aware of changes in ground conditions
D. Refrain from aggressive steering
E. Ensure that the truck is stable and secure before using the hydraulic controls

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