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Multiple choice safety questions 1 to 6

An operator on a forklift course will be given any ten questions from this bank of seventeen. This represents 40% of the marks available. The questions shown in red on here are mandatory and must be included on the paper. Trainees must get all of these questions correct in order to pass the theory test. The correct answers here are shown in italic typeface.

1. Who is responsible for checking that the lift truck is in good working order before use?
before use?

A.   The management
B.   The maintenance department
C.   The operator
D.   The insurer

2.   The truck’s maximum carrying capacity will be reduced when:

A.   The load centre is increased
B.   The load centre is decreased
C.   The load obscures your view
D.   When traveling in reverse

3. Whose responsibility is it to ensure the safety of pedestrians while operating a lift truck

A.   The lift truck operator
B.   Management
C.   The pedestrians themselves
D.   The human resources department

4. From the list below select the last thing the operator should do before moving off ?

A. Put their seat belt on
B. Engage drive
C. Look around
D. Sound the horn

5. Lift trucks are more likely to turn over sideways when they are:

A. Loaded and driven slowly around corners
B. Loaded and driven quickly in a straight line
C. When braking hard
D. Unladen and turning sharply

6. What position should a lift truck’s mast be in to comply with the manufacturer’s stated lifting capacity?

A. Slightly tilted backwards with the truck on level ground
B. It doesn't’t matter as the mast angle does not affect the rated capacity
C. Slightly tilted forwards with the truck on level ground
D. Vertical with the truck on level ground

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