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Starting stopping / Straight line driving

In this lesson the trainees are taught to drive the truck forwards and backwards in a straight line. They should be encouraged to try doing this at different speeds from creep speed and up to full speed. It is best, even at this early stage, to make sure that the trainees understand the importance of looking in the direction of travel, particularly in reverse.

Obviously in all these exercises trainees shouksaunders07@btinternet.comld be given sufficient time to practice in order to instill confidence but in this particular lesson it is probably even more important as for most it will be their very first time on a forklift truck.

Another version of this lesson also sees the trainees taught how to do an emergency stop. This can of course, be left until later in the course if necessary.

It goes without saying that in this lesson, plenty of space is needed and the instructor should take great care to ensure that the training area is not being encroached upon, for example, by pedestrians who may be unaware of the fact that a training course is taking place.

During this lesson it is usual to also teach the trainees how to mount and dis-mount the truck safely using the three point mounting and getting off in reverse.

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