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Negotiating a figure of eight, unladen

In order to create the figure of eight, another drum or cone of similar size to the first is required along with another three pallets.

As can be seen from the above picture the two drums are placed quite close to each other and it should be arranged so that as the truck passes diagonally between the drums and starts it's turn, the rear end of the truck only just clears the other cone by 50 to 75 mm.

The best way to get this dimension correct is for the instructor to try himself, adjusting the position of one cone until the correct dimensions are achieved and then placing the other three pallets the same distance as the first three from the drum.

All the clearances in this figure of eight should be 50 to 75 mm at all of the critical points.

The trainees are required to drive in a forward direction following the figure of eight pattern until they can execute the turns around the drums without touching anything or knocking things over. It's fair to say that if someone can do this then they can steer a forklift truck!

As before, this exercise should be practiced in reverse, forks trailing, as well as forwards

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