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Introduction to the hydraulic controls

Once all of the steering exercises have been completed it's time to introduce the trainees to the hydraulic controls. (Some instructors do this earlier in the course so the trainees can park the truck safely during other lessons).

Only the hoist and tilt levers should be covered (plus the reach lever in the case of those types of trucks). Candidates should be advised that they are not allowed to use sideshift on test or any tilt leveling mechanism such as that fitted to Toyota trucks.

Items that should be covered are:

  • Unladen travel position
  • Parking position
  • Aligning forks at eye level
  • Use of the handbrake and neutral whilst using control levers
  • Overhead obstructions
  • Smooth operation

Trainees should be allowed to practice using the levers at various speeds until they can operate them confidently and smoothly.

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