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LOLER, forklift trucks and training

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations became law in 1998. The two major parts of these regulations that affect forklift trucks are as follows:

The rules on safety cages were made tougher. Although safety cages have been in use for many years to enable persons to work at height, since the advent of LOLER it has not been permitted to undertake planned maintenance operations. More details can be found on this here.

Another aspect of LOLER concerns the thorough examination of forklift trucks. It is a legal requirement nowadays to have the forklift inspected properly at least once a year if it is used normally or once every six months if it is used for lifting persons as described above. This should not be confused with normal maintenance carried out by a service engineer but is, in fact, a detailed check up on most aspects of the truck’s safety.

The British Industrial Truck Association have set up an accreditation scheme for companies qualified to do inspections under this regulation. Details of this scheme can be found here.

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