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Explanation given to trainees by instructor

This is the point in the lesson where the instructor gives a fairly detailed explanation to the trainees.

This explanation should include all of the new thing that the trainee has to learn but should not cover any details that have been learnt previously.

For this example I have assumed that the trainees are being taught to drive down an aisleway and make a left hand turn into a stacking position and lining up with the stack.

On the slide above you can see that prompts that I would put on my lesson plan in order to cover all the new details of this lesson. Note that a lesson plan only consists of a few keywords as shown above. The instructor, having glanced down at these keywords, then uses them as an aide memoir in order to talk about the lesson in detail.

Using one of the items above, (turning point), the instructor would assume the trainees already know where the turning point on the forklift truck is because of previous lessons. There's no harm at this stage in reminding the trainees or indeed asking them a question about it to see if they remember. Having established this, the instructor would concentrate on explaining to the trainees how they find a turning point in the aisleway to line up with.

Each of the points shown above are dealt with in the same way until the prompt "wheels straight" and having explained that the steer wheels on the truck should be straight the instructor simply says, "after that please reverse back to where the truck started and make it safe". There is no need to tell the trainees how to do this as they should know by now but they should be corrected if they do it wrong.

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