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Practical forklift instructor training lessons

Most new instructors say that this type of training is easier to do than classroom tuition because you are not standing up in front of a class and you can use the forklift truck, loads, racking etc as props.

That may be true but it is still vital that it is done correctly to bring the best out of the trainees and of course there is an additional element with practical training: SAFETY!

Although there is a quite a lot to practical training it can actually be brought down to three things:

EXPLANATION. This consists of the instructor explaining in detail, what the trainee(s) are going to do.

DEMONSTRATION. The instructor demonstrates to show the trainees what they are going to be doing.

TRAINEE PRACTICE. The trainees are given a chance to practice the exercise under supervision.

The above three things are fundamental to practical training and are used for any subject. In addition to training forklift operators I used to teach novices to use computer software and still I followed the above three points.

The following slides follow the above pattern but with more detail added.

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