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Qualities needed by a forklift instructor

There are certain things or qualities that a person who is hoping to be a forklift instructor should possess. Whilst it is unusual to find someone with all of these qualities the more obvious ones should be taken into consideration. Some of these qualities are as follows:

The person selected should be mature in nature and it is unusual to find very young people who can pull off the difficult job of training older persons.

The instructor should be able to operate the forklift truck to a very high standard so that he or she can give model demonstrations during practical lessons.

It will be necessary to write fairly detailed reports on trainees and therefore a good grounding in English-language, spelling and grammar is necessary.

For  instructors working in-house, it is desirable that that person has some sort of supervisory role. Although not essential, it will give him or her the authority needed to train others.

An ability to assimilate and explain items of a technical nature is also essential. Understanding basic engineering principles of the forklift truck such as stability is necessary.

An ability to recognise health and safety problems in a company and make recommendations about them is useful.

Possibly the most important criteria is: does the person selected actually want to be an instructor or do they simply regarded as making a change from their normal job?

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