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How to arrange the material properly

Now you have your material available it's time to start preparing your notes. Look at the picture above. This is an example of preparation for a talk about the Health and Safety at Work Act but could be any subject.

The first thing to do is write it out in full! Don't worry about spelling, punctuation and the like as nobody is going to see this. Use lined paper or better still a word processor so you can modify it. You will remember quite a bit by writing it out in full so, keeping your masterpiece in front of you, say it to yourself to see if it makes sense and that the order is logical.

Now divide the whole thing into logical paragraphs like I have done with the HSE act above.

Next choose one or two key words in each section which remind you of that particular section. You are going to use these on your notes. I've shown those in red I chose for clarity.

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