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Worked example on an instructor's confidence card

To make these cards draw a line across the top of the card and another vertical as shown above. Write your main sentence at the top and make it stand out. Use colours if you can.

Take your key points and add them as shown. It's a good idea to number them. Don't put any more than four points on one card - use another card instead.

Number the cards. What happens if you drop them in the middle of a lesson? It's happened to me!

Put some sort of symbol in the right hand column to remind you to do things. In the example above you might be about to show the class an article where a company has been fined. It doesn't matter what the symbol is as long as it makes sense to you. I use a star.

Only write on ONE side of the cards. If you write on both sides there is a danger of getting confused when you use them.

The actual technique used with these cards is covered in the next but one slide.

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