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How to use confidence cards as a memory aid

Here is a picture of a completed confidence card. The subject matter is of no consequence as the principle is always the same.

There is a correct way of using confidence cards. They must not be allowed to become a distraction. Keep them on a desk behind something. I used to put my briefcase flat on the desk and lay them behind that. It's not that you mind the trainees knowing what you are doing but obviously you don't want them reading your prompt cards. For that reason, if you go for a break, hide them.

Use the key points on one card at a time. The minute you start talking about the last key point on your card, turn it over and place it face down next to your pile of cards. This is why you don't write on both sides of a card.

If someone asks a question, or there is any other interruption, check back to the key sentence on the card you are using: this will enable you to pick up the thread of what you are saying smoothly because it will unlock that section of your talk just as it did before

Confidence cards give the complete story in note form: have confidence in them and your audience, large or small, will have confidence in you.

At a pinch, cards can be held in the hand so long as you are discreet about it. Next time you see Prince Charles on TV check him out. He often uses this technique.

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