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Types of close. Ways to end the classroom session

There are a number of common types of close most of which are listed above. These are:

QUESTION: closing on a question will again focus the attention of the audience on the points you have been discussing. The question could be the same question that was used in the opening.

QUOTATION: so long as the quotation is completely relevant to what has gone before it can be a very fine way to close a speech. It could be linked to the opening.

STORY: if the story is completely relevant, it will highlight one or more points made in the speech. One danger to avoid is the possibility that the end of the story will not quite close the lesson – it may need a sentence or two to round it off.

SUMMARY: briefly reviewing the salient points of the lesson so that no doubt remains in the mind of the audience. Avoid the danger of going over too much again. Remember: it is only a summary.

LINK FORWARD: This is the most common in training. The instructor states "in the next lesson we will be learning about the forklift's hydraulic system" or whatever the subject is. Don't get drawn into a discussion on it as it will spoil your next lesson.

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