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Keeping the audience/trainees listening

Having got the trainees/audience to listen the next thing is to keep them listening. There are a few ways to accomplish this but number one is the use of some sort of VISUAL AIDS. One picture speaks a thousand words they say. This is such an important part of speaking that I have devoted a section to it later on.

QUESTIONS are another good way of keeping your audience listening. Once again I've covered this subject in a separate section.

Off the record INFORMATION carefully used can generate a lot of interest. To do this you imply that "it's not very well known that etc......... but it will affect all the forklift drivers here". Be careful not to give away anything that should remain confidential when doing this.

YOU/WE/I This relies on the fact that the audience/ trainees don't want to know about the instructor, they want to know about anything that affects them! To achieve this try and make your speech/lesson all inclusive by using "you" or maybe "we" when talking. Too many phrases containing the word "I" are best avoided although it becomes necessary occasionally. An example might be: "when we get to the truck later you will etc......" Notice there are no I's in it.

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