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Pallet and pallet truck stacker open questions number 11 to 15

11. Name 4 precautions you must take while refueling or recharging a lift truck.

A. Wear the correct PPE
B. Ensure no naked flames or smoking
C. Follow the manufacturer’s/organisational recommendations and procedures
D. Do not use a mobile phone
E. Ventilate the battery

12. If, in an emergency, you had to park a lift truck on an incline, name 4 precautions you should take before leaving it.

A. Parked correctly with the fork tips lowered to the ground
B. In neutral (If possible)
C. Switched off
D. Keys left in the truck
E. Parking brake applied

13. State 2 reasons why is it important that loaded pallets are placed tight to one
another and against the headboard when loading a lorry.

A. To ensure the full load does not move during transport, especially when braking
B. To ensure that the lorry can get a full load

14. Name 4 precautions you should take as you approach and negotiate blind corners.

A. Decrease speed
B. Sound the horn
C. Drive wide to increase visibility
D. Operate with caution and be prepared to stop

15. State 4 safety factors to consider when charging a lead acid battery.

A. The correct charger has been chosen
B. The charger is switched off prior to connection to the lift truck battery
C. The battery is ventilated sufficiently
D. The electrical cables are not at risk of entrapment
E. The connector is connected to the battery not the lift truck

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