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Pallet and pallet stacker operational questions number 11 to 17

11. Why do you stop the truck no more than 150mm from the stack before raising the forks?

A. To assist with accuracy and discourage people walking between the forks and
the stack

B. To save too many movements of the truck when manoeuvring
C. To save using the parking brake too many times
D. To allow pedestrians to pass through the gap at the rear of the truck

12. When following another lift truck down an aisle, how many truck lengths
clearance is it recommended to leave?

A. One length
B. Two length
C. Three lengths
D. Four lengths

13. The brakes on the truck you are operating seem to be faulty. What are you going to do?

A. Inform the supervisor
B. Stop immediately and seek assistance
C. Drive slower and get the fault checked at the next break time
D. As long as the parking brake works it will be ok to finish the job and then report the fault

14. Why would you switch to pedestrian mode? (i.e. dismount from the platform)

A. To save battery wear
B. To enable greater manoeuvering at a lower speed
C. Site rules
D. It’s safer to use in pedestrian mode

15. What is the purpose of the large button on top of the tiller arm?

A. To stop the machine quickly
B. To change the direction of the machine if it makes contact with the operator
C. To quickly change direction
D. To stop unauthorised use

16. When the load centre is increased:

A. The load carrying capacity is not affected
B. The load carrying capacity is increased
C. The load carrying capacity is not affected if it is a live load
D. The load carrying capacity is reduced

17. When transporting a palletised load on level ground, the correct position of the
forks is:

A. With the forks as near to the ground as possible and parallel to the ground
B. With the forks 100mm – 150mm off the ground
C. With the forks 200mm – 250mm of the ground
D. With the forks 200mm – 250mm from the ground

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