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Practical test for stacking pallet trucks

This test has been developed and adopted by the Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) as of 01/08/2019 for implementation no later than 01/12/2019 as a means of ensuring national, uniform standards for the testing of Category A lift truck operators. Only lift truck instructors and examiners who have been trained in its application should carry out this testing process

pallet truck test course

It can be seen by anyone that is familiar with counterbalanced or reach truck testing, that it is almost identical to tests for those machines which makes sense I guess.

Rather than simply repeat information, here is the link to the existing practical test which describes the sequence to be followed. (Opens in a new window)

Where the truck does not stack and merely moves loads around and stacks them at low level, the test is the same but obviously the three difference stacking heights don't apply. The plan of this course is shown here. (Opens in a new window).

The same system of penalty points apply as in the case of counterbalanced and reach trucks and the associated marking sheet is also very similar. Full details from the ABA can be downloaded here in PDF format.

The cut off for the practical skills test at basic operator level is 40 penalty points for high level, 30 penalty points for medium level and 20 penalty points for low level. Where penalties are incurred in excess of these figures (according to machine type), candidates will be deemed to have failed the test.

  • Low level testing up to a maximum lift height of 300mm
  • Medium level testing between 301mm - 2999mm
  • High level testing 3000mm and above

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