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Pallet and pallet stacker safety questions number 16 to 20

16. When sounding the lift truck’s horn at a blind corner you should:

A. Make several short sharp blasts
B. Give one long blast to attract attention
C. Give one short toot to save discharging the battery
D. Give several long blasts

17. Health and Safety legislation places responsibility for safety at work on:

A. The employers
B. The employees
C. Everyone on the premises
D. Lift truck operators only

18. An Approved Code of Practice is:

A. A requirement by law that everyone must comply
B. Advice to duty holders on how to comply with legislation
C. A registration scheme for the licensing of lift truck operators
D. Written by a manufacturer on how to operate a lift truck

19. Undercutting is used when:

A. The operator cannot see the pallet slots so places the forks under the pallet
B. The forks are longer than the pallet and the pallet is adjacent to a wall or another pallet or the pallet cannot be heeled up immediately
C. The forks are shorter than the pallet and the load has to be carried carefully
D. When the load is at the maximum rated capacity of the lift truck

20. If a load appears to be unsafely stacked and liable to collapse, the operator

A. Report it immediately to the supervisor
B. Re-arrange the load himself/herself
C. Pick the load up and travel with extreme caution
D. Proceed slowly

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