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Lower the load onto the stack

lower load

Lower the load onto the stack by adjusting the boom angle and retracting the boom slightly if necessary to position the load.

Note: Any time the boom is retracted in these circumstances it will also move downwards. Imagine that the pile of pallets in the picture above were a scaffold on a building site and the telehandler has just placed a pack of bricks on it. The downwards movement of the boom can easily break the scaffold, (or whatever is there), and cause a serious accident. It follows that great care should be taken under these circumstances.

telehandler stacking

In order to minimise this problem, many telehandlers are designed in such a way that the forks can "ride up" a little if this happens. The picture below shows the arrangement on this machine.

The forks are mounted on a bar which runs across the machine. Note that it's fitted into a slot which allows a small amount of movement upwards in the event of the forks dragging on something

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