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Telehandler safety and warning devices

Telehandler radius plate

Instead of a capacity plate found on normal machines, telescopic materials handlers have a radius plate which provides similar information.

A telehandler has a conventional load centre. (which is usually 500 mm), in the same way as a counterbalanced truck but of course the capacity is affected not only by stacking height but also by how far the telescopic boom is extended.

This needs to be explained thoroughly to the trainees so they can work out the capacity of the machine under all conditions.

Also on some machines, immediately in front of the operator's eyes, just above the windscreen is a level gauge. This is nothing more than a spirit level but is really useful in getting the machine dead level by using hydraulic jacks if they are fitted.

All telehandlers have an overload warning device which gives both a visual and audible signal if the machine is overloaded. These two items need to be explained to the trainees.

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