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Approved Code Of Practice. (ACOP) Forklift Training

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Arguably the biggest change ever to forklift training came with the publication of an approved code of practice, (or ACOP), in April 1989. Along with this code of practice the HSE also published a guidance note which gives considerable detail on the subject of forklift training. The main thrust of this ACOP and guidance note is to divide training into three parts as follows:

Basic training. Defined as the skills and knowledge required for the person to operate lift trucks safely, in other words, up to and including the operator's practical and written test.

Specific job training. Knowledge of the workplace and any special handling attachments

Familiarisation training. Training delivered usually by the person's supervisor on the job under normal working conditions.

Not until all three of the above stages of forklift training are completed is the operator considered properly trained as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act and various other acts that have been produced since. (Full details of legislation affecting forklift trucks can be found here).

In 2011 it was decided to rewrite the Approved Code Of Practice and incorporate with it another publication called “Safety in Working with Lift Trucks”, ( HSG6). This has produced one book instead of two and HSG6 has an enormous amount of information pertaining to correct lift truck usage in industry. This publication was issued in March 2013 and details can be found here.

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