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Welcome to this website which is devoted to forklift training and runs to over one thousand pages making it the largest website in the world on the subject. This website is completely free to use and you will not be asked to register or join anything. For the latest updates tap on Latest Website Updates above or talk to the lady bot at the bottom right of this page.

I was involved in the training of forklift operators for more than thirty years and spent forty four years in the forklift industry starting behind the drawing board in 1970. I founded AES Training (UK) Limited back in 1980 although I am now retired. I still keep in touch with the industry and update this site, usually weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I originally started this website in 1998 to correct some of the urban myths about forklift training. Since then it has grown rapidly and become a retirement project.

If you want information in any other language, please use the Google translate button at the top centre of every page. This can be particularly helpful if you are researching questions and answers from the forklift operator's test and English is not your first language.

Because there are a very large number of Polish fork lift operators working in the UK I have listed all the questions and answers from the forklift operator's test in Polish language which can be found here. (Pytania i odpowiedzi dotyczące szkolenia wózków widłowych).

There are more sections still on the desktop website such as the history of forklift trucks, etc.. If you have any suggestions about this website please feel free to contact me. Good or bad comments welcome. (Well..... good preferably).

If the advertisements annoy you I can only apologise. The revenue from these helps to pay for hosting and other costs which a website of this size incurs. Please note I am not a company, just a retired individual with an interest in computers who wants to put something back into an industry which gave me a good living for many years.

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