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Free ebook about Corona virus. Download here

Human Focus has published a free Coronavirus e-book, which is available for download and distribute. without restriction.

This free interactive visual guide covers:

  • Facts 
  • How it spreads 
  • Infection risks 
  • Safety tips 
  • Steps if you fall ill 

Hand washing is one of the most important measures against the spread of coronavirus. However, a significant body of research shows that around only 5% of the adult population wash their hands effectively.

This highly visual e-Book helps overcome this challenge. It explains why hand washing is so important. It then demonstrates a range of personal hygiene steps for reducing the spread of the virus. There is also an interactive section to help test the reader’s learning.

This e-Book is free to download and can be distributed without restriction. Send it to all of your people and encourage them to share with family and friends.

Download your free Corona virus ebook here