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Doosan's guardian stability system for forklift trucks

Doosan Forklift stability

I've just come across Doosan's guardian stability system for forklift trucks. This looks a little similar to Toyota's SAS system and would seem to provide somewhat similar safety benefits. It is available on Doosans electric forklifts between 1.5 and 3.5 tonnes capacity. It dynamically protects the truck, operator and load to avoid accidents; increasing operator safety and truck stability in all applications.

Unlimited Ramp Hold

Doosan's 1.5 – 3.5 tonne electric forklifts feature an Electro-Magnetic Automatic Parking Brake (EPB) which will hold your forklift on a slope and prevent it from rolling back. An operator can then dismount the truck, because the application of the foot brake is not required.

Low Battery Alarm

On most electric forklifts, the trucks performance will be dramatically reduced if its battery is too low; the forklift could even come to a sudden stop and then be nonoperational. To prevent this, Doosan electric forklifts have a low battery alarm which will alert the operator when the battery is almost fully discharged, along with limiting lift speeds to conserve battery power. This then enables the operator to take the truck to its nearest battery charging or exchange point.

Automatic Speed Control

Each of Doosan's electric forklifts in the 1.5 – 3.5 tonne lift range is fitted with steering angle sensors; these monitor the trucks speed and steering angle when cornering. This technology will automatically reduce the travel speed of the forklift when turning to ensure that the truck maintains its stability at all times; reducing the risk of accidents or damage.

Mast Lowering and Tilt Interlock

ISO3961 compliant, the hydraulic locking system prevents the trucks mast from being lowered or tilted when the truck isn’t in operation. This provides protection to your operational environment, the truck and the load; even when the truck is unattended.

Turtle Mode

If you operate your forklift truck in confined spaces, it is important to have high levels of control over your truck at all times. By pressing the Turtle Mode button on your Doosan electric forklift, you will be able to reduce the trucks travel speed; allowing you to have the high levels of steering you require in smaller working areas.

Neutral Position to Start

To ensure that your forklift doesn’t jump forwards or backwards upon starting; all Doosan electric forklifts are required to be in neutral gear. If your forklift is in the forward or reverse travel mode; the trucks startup will be interrupted and an alarm will sound. Once the trucks direction switch is returned to neutral; your forklift will start up fully.

Brake Oil Indicator

All Doosan forklifts use the innovative Oil-Cooled Disc Brake System (ODB). Our electric forklifts are equipped with a series of sensors which monitor brake oil levels and will raise an alarm when the oil reservoir requires a top up.

Seatbelt Indicator

When an operator starts up a Doosan forklift, a warning indicator on the trucks instrument panel will flash if the operators seatbelt isn’t fastened properly.

Operator Sensing System

Another innovation from Doosan, our Operator Sensing System (OSS) will prevent the forklift from being used if an operator isn’t sat on the trucks seat. If an operator leaves the truck, all travel and lifting functions will be disengaged; preventing any accidental movements of the truck.

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