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Forkangles fork leveller

fork angles

Check out this product for forklift trucks which makes it easy to get the forks dead level every time. Designed by a British engineer who found himself on a forklift training course and decided there must be an easier way to get the forks level than just looking along them.

This gadget is low cost, very effective and can be fitted to the truck in thirty minutes. It does not require any connection to the electrical system or hydraulics.

ForkAngles is:

  • A ‘line-of-sight’ indicator which can be viewed in peripheral vision. The improved accuracy allows for safer load handling and enables the operator to concentrate on their surrounding workplace.
  • An innovative mast tilt indicator designed to be retro-fitted to Forklift Trucks.
  • Mounted in the eye-line of the operator and gives a clear and precise indication of the mast tilt angle. Even novice operators will be able to accurately align the forks with the load, first time, every-time.
  • Helps business to save time, save money, improve safety and lower their carbon footprint.

I have seen this attachment working and am very impressed after more than forty years in the forklift business. I urge you to check it out at the forkangles website.