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I - Stop Safety System For Loading Bays

i stopI've recently come across this fantastic new system called I-Stop. Briefly described the lorry driver places an I-Stop chock under the lorry wheels in the conventional way but this then operates a switch which allows the loading bay doors, (which are locked at this point), to be opened.

The forklift operator can then enter the wagon and commence work knowing for certain that the lorry wheels are secured. A light inside the warehouse tells the forklift operator it's safe to enter.

If any one moves the I-Stop away from the lorry wheels, an alarm is sounded so that the forklift operator can either get out of the lorry before it moves or stay inside if necessary.

I have no connection with this company but in over forty years in the forklift industry, (most of them in safety training), I have come across this type of accident many times. I am very impressed with this system. You can download full information here or visit their website. Below is a video of I-stop in action.