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Linde fork positioner

Linde fork positioner

Linde Material Handling has launched a new hydraulic fork positioner aptly called "View" that improves operator visibility when handling loads.

Fork positioners are a popular truck option in many applications, helping to speed up the accurate handling of multiple load sizes. By hydraulically adjusting the fork spread for each individual load without having to leave his/her seat, the operator can store and retrieve loads more quickly and more accurately.

Unobstructed visibility of the forks through the truck’s mast, fork carriage and attachment is vital. By creating this new fork positioner, Linde has identified and addressed a gap in the market for further improvement in visibility.

The enhanced visibility offered by this new fork positioner prevents damage to goods as well as potential damage to the truck itself, the infrastructure or other vehicles.

The new ‘View’ hydraulic fork positioner is available for all electric and IC-powered counterbalanced trucks from 1.2 to 5.0 tonnes lifting capacity.