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Ross racking repair system

Ross racking repairI know from many years wondering around warehouses, how often racking systems get damaged, (usually by forklift trucks). Damaged uprights on racking are particularly dangerous as the racking can collapse.

Replacing uprights to repair this type of damage is usually time consuming and expensive as all the product has to be removed and replaced again afterwards.

I was very interested to discover the Ross repair process which fixes racking in situ using an hydraulic tool that, by combination of a precision formed die and controlled hydraulic pressure, reforms damaged racking uprights back to their original shape and strength – whilst the racks are under full pallet load without having to move tons of product.

Ross claim the following features:

  • No need to off-load your racking, as the system works under full load
  • Virtually zero operational disruption
  • Minimal cost when compared to replacing damaged uprights
  • Savings of up to 50% are common
  • All works fully certified and guaranteed
  • Industry leading insurance cover provided by world leading insurers – Lloyds of London!

You can download details of the system here or visit their website where you can see a video of the system in action.